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7 Weight Loss Hacks You are Not Doing. Part 4: Cheat Right!
Written by Paul Conzemius on Sept 13th 2018
With the launch of our new weight loss program we running a blog series featuring the 7 weight loss hacks you aren’t using. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date and find the weight loss hacks that you are not using to lose weight!
So, without further ado, this is the fourth weight loss hack you aren’t using:  

Cheat right! 

If weight loss is your goal then you are restricting your eating somehow because caloric deficit is essential to fat loss. Because this process takes time you are also going to have to stick to this diet for a decent amount of time to see real results as well.

And since you are going to be doing this for such a long time it is unreasonable to think that you will never eat foods outside of your diet. These extracurricular meals, colloquially known as cheat meals, should be expected, anticipated, and in the most sustainable cases, allowed .

So the questions remains how do you cheat the right way? Here are three tips to help you out.  
 1.  Keep your mistakes small
Chances are if you eat one cookie you are not going to ruin your diet or set yourself back much. If you eat an entire tray of cookies because ,"I already ate a cookie I might as well have the rest", you will be set back.  
A 150 calorie cookie is a lot different than a 1,000 calorie tray of cookies. fight the temptation to view these two things as equal. Nutrition is not all or nothing. Moderation is key even when it comes to cheat meals.  
 2.  Don't beat yourself up 
Do not make emotionally laden judgments after a cheat meal. Many people do not make it past their first cheat meal before they decide that it is not even worth it. Understand that finding a healthy and balanced diet for your life is a lifelong process.  
You may have heard of the concept of the second dart. It is the idea that mistakes and misfortune happen in life but the real damage is done not by the first misfortune, or the first dart, but by how we react destructively to these circumstances, or the second dart.  
For example, if you did not have time to make the food you wanted to and now you have to eat food that doesn't fit in to your diet because you are at work and in a hurry just except the situation you are in, eat what you need to, and then decide what you will do moving forward. Avoid the temptation to do more damage by casting these second darts at yourself.  
 3.  Plan on cheat meals and you never have to cheat! 
I probably should have put this one first because if you do this well then you will rary need to deal with the first two strategies. The idea is that you can actually bui d your cheat meals in to your diet.  
For example, If I am trying to avoid carbs but I am going out this weekend and I want to go to a pizza place then I will go and eat pizza and enjoy it.  
This accomplishes two things: 
By in large people who try and stick to incredibly restrictive diets are not successful because it is not sustainable. By eating well all week and knowing that I am having pizza on the weekend I can allow myself the pleasures of pizza while still maintaining my diet for the majority of the time.  
On the flip side, If I never allowed myself to enjoy foods that I deemed "unhealthy" then I would most likely become frustrated and eventually be dissatisfied with my nutrition.  
The second thing that planning in your cheat accomplishes is ensuring that if you are counting your calories you are including these cheat meals in to the calorie count. All to often people will find themselves not losing weight or achieving their health goals only to find out that they are in fact way over there macro nutrient count because they are not counting how often they are cheating and how much they are consuming when they do.  
So there it is, another weight loss hack you are not using! Learn how to cheat! 

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About Author: Paul Conzemius

Paul Conzemius is the Director of Evolvyst. He has traveled the world to over 30 countries and has trained professionals in many of these destinations. With a degree in leadership and intercultural communication and a passion for health and lifestyle he dedicates his time and energy to improving the human condition in whatever capacity he finds himself in. 
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