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Getting Started With Weight loss Evolved
How do I sign up for the program?  The best way to sign up for the program is register for a spot in our free webinar here. In the webinar you can get all the info you need and purchase the program! 

I have dieted before and it didn't work, how is this going to be different? Short answer: because we have been running this program out of a clinic in Denver for nearly 10 years with incredible results. Long answer: We have specifically designed the program to fit in to peoples lives and to be holistic, addressing all aspects of weight loss. Once more, it was designed by physicians to obtain sustainable and healthy weight loss with actual people with busy lives in mind. 

How long is weight loss evolved? 14 weeks

Do I have to follow the program strictly for the duration of the program? While strict adherence to the program is ideal, we recognize that 14 weeks is a long time, and that we are all humans with busy lives that are far from ideal. Weight Loss Evolved requires perseverance and resilience rather than perfection.

What kind of food will I be eating?  The nutrition piece of this weight loss program utilizes a low carbohydrate eating plan. You can expect to eat lots of whole foods including plenty of vegetables and protein sources like meat and fish. 

How much time do I need to dedicate to the program?  You will have to dedicate about 1 hour a week to the video and materials you receive. The exception to this is the first week, which will require considerably more time for you to orient yourself in to the program. 

Is there an exercise component?  yes! you will also have access to modifications that will allow almost anybody to follow along.

Can I keep doing my normal exercise routine while doing Weight Loss Evolved? Yes. Once you are in the program you will see the MINIMUM exercise requirement. as long as you are atleast meeting the minimum you can continue to rock and roll with your favorite exercise routine.

I travel often, will this program work? this program was designed with the busy modern person in mind and as such it is ideal for those with a challenging schedule. 

I have a pre-existing medical condition. Is this program safe for me to use? If you are concerned about this we STRONGLY recommend you contact your doctor. 
During Weight Loss Evolved
I can not find the log in site now that I have created my account and purchased the program. How can I find it? You can find the login Here.

I have lost much more than my 1-2 lb per week goal. Is this normal? 1-2lbs per week is our normal rate. However, every person is different 
and some can expect to lose a lot more weight, especially those with higher body fat percentages. Consult your doctor is you are concerned.

Is it normal to not see weight loss results in the first 1-2 weeks? 1-2lbs per week is our normal rate. However, every person is different and some can expect to lose at a slower rate. most often, your weight loss will pick up once you have depleted your glycogen levels via the low carbohydrate diet. Stick with it!
How can I sign up as an affiliate? Here!

What is the affiliate rate? Our referral rate is 30%!

Are there resources available to help me market as an affiliate? Yes! once you have signed up you can access all of the resources we have availabe in our Affiliate Area.

Blog And Newsletter 
How do I sign up for the newsletter? Here!

Can use the blog as medical advice? No. Our blog is an excellent source of information that can be applied to better your life but should not be used to substitude the advice of a medical professional. 
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